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Expenses for studying in Ukraine

Do you want to know your expenses while studying in Ukraine?

All expenses are written down and each one is explained in detail. Please read carefully and do not ask answered questions to our operators.

What is the annual education fee in Ukraine?

In Ukraine state universities, the annual education fee is between the 400 USD, ie approximately 600 AZN and 1500 USD, ie 2000 AZN. In fact, Ukraine’s state universities are often cheaper and profitable compared to other countries’ annual fee. As a consultant, I would like to note that the quality of education in Ukraine is much higher than in other countries when the annual education fee is low. You will even pay such a cheap annual education fee in half and every 6 months.

What is the cost of students` dormitory in Turkey?

It is essential that the students studying at Ukrainian state universities receive a visa to be placed in a state hostel. Students`dormitories in Ukraine are cheap. The annual fee of the hostel is 300 USD or 30 USD per month. You should pay about 50 AZN per month.

How much is travel expenses to go to Turkey?

After your admission to Ukraine’s state universities, it’s advisable that buy your plane ticket for a few months before you go, so pay for the cheapest price. For example, the ticket for tomorrow to Ukraine is sometimes $ 300 or sometimes $ 80. So try to get a cheap ticket at least a month ago.

How much does it cost to apply for the university in Ukraine?

SET company offers  900 AZN or 1200 AZN costs depending on services that include in this package in the process of admission to Ukrainian universities. Packages in SET are 2 types, prices vary depending on the package you choose. The package of 900 AZN includes only your university admission and no additional service available. The package that costs 1200 AZN  includes as well as to meet at the university, to find a hostel, to locate the city, to meet the university, teachers and so on.