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Required documents for Ukraine

Documents required for admission to Ukrainian state universities. Do you want to be admitted to the Ukrainian state universities with the support of SET? Then, for the bachelor’s degree, collect the following documents and contact us.

  • Passport: If you do not get your passport, you can apply with the ID card, but keep in mind that the passport is an important document. (you will need it)
  • Attestation Certificate:İf in your school the attestation is delayed or if you have not yet finished the 11th class, you can get a reference about your graduation in the current year from the school and apply with a reference instead of the certificate. (REFERENCE FORM)
  • Health certificate with photo: You can obtain this reference from the area you live in or from any hospital. ( FORM link )
  •  AİDS Certificate: You can get this certificate only in the so-called Semashka hospital in Azerbaijan, and this document is only for students who are required to study in Ukraine. (there is no need for part-time students) (FORM link)
  • Photo: 10 pieces 3×4 sized


After preparing the documentation, send us a review via WhatsApp. It will be easier for you coming to the office after confirming the accuracy of all the documents.

If you want to receive a Master’s degree, you will apply only to the Diploma and Diploma Supplement instead of the Attestat and the Transcript … You can apply SET even if you do not get a diploma from the university that you graduated from and your mark list from 8 or 7 semesters.


  • SET is at your service with all the offers related to study abroad.
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