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Expenses for studying in Turkey

Do you want to know your expenses while studying in Turkey?

All expenses are written down and each one is explained in detail. Please read carefully and do not ask answered questions to our operators.

What is the annual education fee in Turkey?

In Turkey state universities, the annual education fee is between the  300 TL, ie approximately 150 AZN and TL 1000, ie 600 AZN. In fact, Turkey’s state universities are often cheaper and profitable compared to other countries’ annual fee. As a consultant, I would like to note that the quality of education in Turkey is much higher than in other countries when the annual education fee is low. You will even pay such a cheap annual education fee in half and every 6 months.

What is the cost of the students` dormitory in Turkey?

At the state universities of Turkey, there is no place for Azerbaijani citizens in public dormitories, so our students reserve homes or private dormitories. The price of bedrooms and houses is between 160 TL and 80 AZN and 300 TL 150 TL. This price varies depending on the conditions of the house you choose, the distance between the university and the city you choose. Usually, rents 2 rooms, 1 lounge costing 800 TL and placing 2 people in each room costs 200 TL per person.

How much is travel expenses to go to Turkey?

After your admission to Turkish state universities, you have to spend $ 40 or $ 70 for leaving  from Azerbaijan. This is a bus ride, usually, the tickets cost $ 50.

How much does it cost to apply for the university?

Taking into account that there are more than 30 foreign companies in Baku, we are telling in advance that if any company offers you a price lower than the price that we offer you, we will pay 120% of the difference.

SET Company offers students 600 AZN and 900 AZN for admission to Turkish state universities. Packages in SET are 2 types of 600 AZN and 900 AZN package The package of 600 AZN includes only your university admission. In the $ 900 package, both your university admission and the services you provide here include finding a hostel in the university, finding a university and a teacher (insurance and session support) and so on.