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Postal Tuition in Turkey

Do you want to study postal tuition in Turkey?

If you want to get the admission

The annual fee for education in Turkey is $ 1200, which is equivalent to  550 AZN per year.

You will be studying at the Turkish State University during the correspondence education in Turkey.

During your education in Turkey, you will go to university every 6 months twice a year, and you will stay there for about 3 days for examination.

The term of education in Turkey is 4 years. During the postal tuition in Turkey, you can study in only 3 specialities.

During your postal tuituion in T,urkey you can study the following specialties.

  1. State University: Faculty of Menencment (Management – Jobs: Bank, Executive Power, Tourism, Hotel, etc.)
  2. State University: Public Relations Faculty(Jobs: Human Resourses, Press, Media, Consultation)
  3. State University: Faculty of Sociology (Family Problems in Society, Sociology, Social Societal Consultation and Philosophy)
  4. Non-state University: Faculty of  MİS (Information Technology Management)

When you are studying in Turkey, you are not granted military retirement, the right to military retirement is granted only when you actually study in Turkey.


Is the diploma of correspondence education recognized in other countries?

During your postal tuition in Turkey, your diploma is recognized in more than 30 European countries, including Turkey. Additionally, this education is not postal tuition, but the distance education.

What is distant education?

During the normal education, the student goes to the university twice a year, every 6 months, attending the session for ten days and attending the exam for the next 10 days. This is not the case in Turkey. During the correspondence education in Turkey, the student goes twice a year to stay for three days. Sessions are computerized online and this is called distance learning, that is, it is not partial.

There is no current education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan, so there is no such system in Azerbaijan because there is no distance education for bachelor degree in Azerbaijan. Therefore, distant diplomas from Turkey are not affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, you can work with a diploma you receive during your correspondence education in Turkey, as well as a high school without apostille.

You can work in Turkey and in more than 30 countries in Europe, as a university student with a diploma you receive during your correspondence education.