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Category: The biggest SET educational company in Baku is your service.

Education in Turkey

Education in Turkey, Admission to Turkish universities without any exams, only with your attestation certificate! Education in Turkey only with attestation certificate, SET as an education company offers you to be admitted to public universities in Turkey without any examinations. We offer you our services related to Education in Turkey! Without any examinations the opportunity …

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Education in Ukraine

Education in Ukraine, admission into Ukrainian state universities by the only attestation certificate without any exams. Study in Ukraine, SET as an education company, offers you to pass to the Ukranian universities only by certification, without exams. We offer you admit to Ukrainian state universities without any examination. Education in Ukraine, with the ONLY attestation, …

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SET – the center of education in abroad

The biggest  educational company in Baku SET is honored to serve you. SET offers you the chance to be admitted to the universities worldwide without attestation, especially in Turkey and Ukraine. If you want to be admitted to foreign state universities without any exams, you can simply contact us. Trust us about your BACHELOR or MASTER degree …

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Education in Russia

As a SET Company, we offer you the opportunity admission to Russian state universities and to study in Russia without a single exam, only with attestation certificate. Currently, Russia is an advantageous of the number of people willing to study after Turkey and Ukraine. Dagestan universities are the most popular destinations for education in Russia. The reason …

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